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Take care of your customers! vtiger CRM offers a comprehensive set of features to ensure quality control and a level of excellent customer service. Do not let an incident affects your image by an inappropriate treatment or excessive response times.
Make the most of vtiger CRM flexibility in order to define your care processes in their measure, thanks to funciontalities such as:

• Complete view of Poduct Catalog.
• Vision Full Product Catalog
• Categorized registration of incidents.
• Issuing of tickets and links to the corresponding Customer, Product or Contact.
• Incident transfer to the responsible for dealing.
• Access to solving tools such as Knowledge Base.
• Offer an on-line through the Customer Service Portal web.

These and other CRM tools that have been conceived and designed for maximum ease the tasks of customer service, and that enable efficient incidents management. Thanks to the Knowledge Base it can be associated explanatory documents, prior resolutions or other interesting information with types of incidents, reducing and simplifying terms and solving tasks.

As a complement to all the functionalities provided by the CRM, it can integrate the Customer Service Portal in your website. Within the portal, your customers will be able to register their queries and incidents, seek their own resolutions from the information offered or perform different queries. Do not put schedule to your customers and offer them permanent way where to adress.

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