Libertis Solutions is a company especialized in logistic solutions, customer
relationship management
, business intelligence and mobility solutions,
founded in 2009 by highly experienced professionals of these areas, with the aim to
offer solutions and services to help companies to be more competitive and efficient.

In Libertis Solutions we offer complete and modular solutions and services
at the measure of any company that allow the adoption of the best practices
and an agile and consistent technological development with no surprises.

Our vocation is to keep up to date on the best market solutions, generating a better
catalog and to seek valuable partnerships that provide the knowledge, technology
and benefits required for each project.

Our Values: Agilty, Compromise, Confidence, Dedication, Efficiency, Enthusiasm, Effort, Flexibility, Innovation, Methodology, Perfectionism, Professionalism,
Results, Seriousness, Work, Vanguard, ... Vocation of Service and support to our clients, and contribution to the improvement and general social welfare.

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