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In a business environment as the current available information is key in the decision-making processes. The difference between a wise decision and a wrong one can often be conditioned by the information used as the basis for decision making.

Most companies manage amount of data scattered in multiple ecosystems to be collected and treated adequately. It is in this function where business intelligence tools help us, whose main role is converting data into information.

The Business Intelligence systems do not generate new data, but integrate all the scattered data and stored in various technologies into a single warehouse that will allow an integrated view of company information .

The information will be worked in conjunction with reporting tools with analytical capacity, on which, once configured the different reports, it will be able to create scorecard, tools needed for decision making of middle pannels and compeanies addresses.

Scorecards graphically represent the management indicators, better known by its acronym, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), more significant for business as well as enable tracking of management by exceptions and focus attention on the points at which performance is not as expected.

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