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Data warehousing tool itself is responsible for storing historical information of a company, so it is prepared and ready to be used optimally through flexible reporting tools that access to it.

A data warehousing tool should be understood as much more than just a data store. It refers to a system in which have been defined metadata structures that enhance access to information thanks to the relational model and the definition of the multidimensional warehouse entities (hypercubes). Hypercubes are defined from the dimension tables and fact tables. These latest are the ones that storage relative information on quantifiable variables or to be measured (facts) for each of the combinations of features analysis (eg country-society-channel-customer-product). The time dimension is most often a mandatory feature in order to perform analysis monthly, yearly, etc...
Data warehouse systems are often structured in packets of information specific to different business areas or Datamarts . Each datamart allows the consultation and analysis of business from a particular perspective (eg, Sales-Marketing-Finance-HR-...), improving response times and greatly faciliting the access control to information deppending on the profile or role of the different users application.

Data warehousing systems as well as enabling the exploitation of information through a flexible reporting, are prepared to support the decision-making based on trend analysis, which can be obtained by storing large volumes of historical information.

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