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Business intelligence systems are equipped with tools to interactively examine large volumes of information from various perspectives, with the particularity of streamlining queries and response times. OLAP solutions (On-Line Analytical Processing) are based on multidimensional databases created from star or snowflake patterns.

Fact table (amounts and quantities, which represents the measures of business parameters) becomes the central element of the structure, which is the surrounded by dimensions tables (analysis axes of business), mutually related in each case by a unique key.

OLAP systems usually can be classified into two distinct variants, although sometimes the final solution may be a combination of both:

•  ROLAP , based on a relational database that optimizes the analysis of high volumes of information.

• MOLAP , based on a multidimensional database that allows to streamline the system response times from precalculus and redundant storage of added value.

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