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This is the ideal tool to show in a very graphical, simplified and intuitive way the health status of the company, according to the definition of established strategies and performance parameters that allows monitoring them (KPI or Key Performance Indicator ).
Scorecards are always defined in four different study perspectives:

•   Financial
•   Customer
•   Internal
•   HR & Organization

The concept of balanced scorecard goes beyond the technological applications that support it. We could define it as a tool that provides the mechanisms necessary to align the company's organizations with strategic objectives. The monitoring and review of them is permanent, which closes the cycle of continuous improvement.
Historically, the scorecards solutions have been typically used by senior managers of companies, who have had the need for an agile visualization of the degree of achievement of the company's strategic objectives. Nowafays, scorecards are also often used by middle managers with direct responsibility for specific business areas and for their own equipment (box operational command ).

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