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Apart from the exploitable information directly from stored data in the Datawarehouse system databases, data mining (data mining) is responsible for deriving added knowledge originally hidden, after preparing the data, exploring and manipulating them according to various techniques.

The data mining thus stands as the best tool for predictive analysis of our business evolution, thanks to the detailed treatment of historical data. This analysis will get some trends of the internal functioning of our company and at the same time of those governing the market in which we operate. The final extracted knowledge finally materialized in the formulation of behaviour patterns and correlations (or partnership) amongn business lines analysis. Data mining is also used in classification tasks and the segmentation information relating to the business.

Some of the mostly used techniques in data mining are:

Neural Networks as a tool for self-learning artificial intelligence.
Decision charts, based on algorithms and logic diagrams that allow to categorize the information
Linear regressions as mathematical method to model the relationships between business characteristics

The trend in the use of data mining has led to the incorporation of unstructured information, such as website content, text files, etc..

If you want more information about how in Libertis Solutions we can provide guidance on how best to undertake a Data Mining project within your company, do not hesitate to contact us ( We will be pleased to assist you and provide accurate information so you can make the best decision for your business.

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