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Both in the logistics area and in business relations it is indispensable to use reliable and resistant mobility tools, and more importantly, capable of collecting and transmiting in real time all the information gathered in the flow of physical or field work.

In Libertis Solutions , we have close relationships with major hardware manufacturers in the market and we can complement any project with this type of equipment. Our professionals advise our users about what are the most appropriate technology and type of terminals ensuring that the solution to be run on themselves will reach full capacity and with maximum reliability, offering the best options for each case, with our network of specialized partners being responsible for providing technical services for installation, if needed and maintenance task in a transparent way for our customers and managed by our professionals without the customer having to speak at organizational level rather than a single contact, Libertis Solutions, who will coordinate all actions to be taken in order to ensure successful implementation.

Mobility solutions we provide are:

• Hand-held terminals for commercial use
• Hand-held terminals for industrial use
• Truck terminals
• Voice Terminals

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