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With these tools it is intended to make a prediction about the demand and convert it into plans for purchasing and replenishment optimization. It is also associated with the uncertainties management related to seasonality or the release of new products and helps it in automatization and programming decisions.

  • In IMI SUPPLY CHAIN there are two different planning solutions

    - Replenishment module, which optimizes the inventory through a network of partners and nodes. It includes components for demand planning, replenishment planning and vendor-managed inventory (VMI), which will hrlp to implement a "pull" model on demand.
    - Cross-Docking Planning, enables dynamic testing of the real demand with planned supply or planned deliveries or in transit.
    • Interact with logistics operators hubs which allows the re-routing and efficient cross-docking to the best destination.
    • Given limited supplies relative to demand, helps to prioritize assignments in the overall customer or shopping centers.

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