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IMI Supply Chain WMS and Liberlogistics WMS are proven Warehouse Management Systems for physical management and handling of goods at the passing through different nodes or elements involved in the supply chain, with a total traceability of the operations and products.

The use of a Warehouse Management System, commonly known by the acronym EMS or WMS as IMI Supply Chain WMS or Liberlogistics WMS facilitates an improved inventory control with stock visibility and real-time optimization of space, improved customer service both in terms of served product effectiveness as delivery time reduction, as well as an improved productivity of internal logistics processes, reflected in the tasks optimization of the workers inside the warehouse, a proper stock rotation avoiding goods obsolescence and the reverse logistics management.

Features IMI Supply Chain WMS and Liberlogistics WMS

- Automatic identification of goods.
- IMI Supply Chain WMS and Liberlogistics WMS support electronic messaging ASN type structures (Advanced Shipping Notice) both input and output, which ensures integration with the corresponding suppliers and customers systems.
- Warehouse space optimization; equipment, movements and workers tasks in the warehouse iare coordinated by the WMS.
- Complete coverage in warehouse operations through the use of mobility equipment fifted with radio frequency (RF) both forreception, movements, picking and expedition of orders or inventory counts.
- Automated planning of warehouse tasks and control in order picking, load control and routes expeditions management.
- Reduction of administrative tasks within the warehouse.
- Sophisticated algorithms for calculating the displacement at different locations, as well as optimizing routes within the warehouse.
- Warehouse Management System multi-center and multi-client that enables the stablishments of logistics networks and the operators with 3PL operatiors.
- WMS enabling groupage operations, cross-docking and transit management.


- IMI Supply Chain WMS and Liberlogistics WMS reduce inventory levels and increases in the better utilization of warehouse space.
- The WMS increases productivity, efficiency and effectiveness while reducing operational costs.
- The Warehouse Management System IMI Supply Chain WMS and Liberlogistics WMS improve accuracy in shipments, strengthening trust and customer satisfaction.
- The fluidity and rotation of goods ate increased thanks to the WMS.
- The WMS facilitates and consolidates the complete transparency of the recorded inventory.
- The Warehouse Management System enhances the accuracy of tracking the movements of goods in stock.
- IMI Supply Chain WMS and Liberlogistics WMS improves the balance between planned and real workload in the warehouse.

In addition to these, the Warehouse Management System IMI Supply Chain WMS and Liberlogistics WMS have plenty of additional features and advanced modules in the category of WMS or EMS, allowing management to get an excellent intralogistics.

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