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With the solution IMI SUPPLY CHAIN Labour Mannagement not only will be increased the workforce productivity, but also eliminated subjective evaluation criteria, it will be able to maintain quality standards and safety at work and increase capacity to anticipate in order to get the best organization of resources.

IMI SUPPLY CHAIN Labour Management provides information management both in terms of the company, such as departments or individually, where presentations can be configurable by the user while maintaining the level of activity detail required in the implementation.

The workflow is very visual from:

- Forecasting: With the receipt of orders for input and output forecasts are made for planning the relevant work.
- Planning: As the work is running in the warehouse, standars are calculated to compare them with the real ones.
- Monitoring: Indicators, alerts and reports in real time so you always know what is going on.
- Measurements: Historical productivity and production reports for analysis, the employee review and optimization.


- Fast Start working with pre-defined types and calculation of distances "area to area" easy to use.
- Functionalities to enhance control, accuracy, visuality and predictability.
- Distance calculation of the best run in a flexible way and marked according to the rules.
- Schedule or workday control that can be entered directly or through integration with a presence control application.
- Righsizing and weight interval factors, fatigue factors.
- Monitoring of uptime, unproductive and downtime.
- Flexible performance reporting both individually, by companies, areas, departments, types or workareas.
- Groups of alerts and scorecards with the goal of real-time notification of job status.
- Real-Time Integration with SAP ® WM.


- Promotes good practice and maintains standards of quality and safety.
- Reduces unproductive time by identifying deficient processes.
- Increased operations consolidation through the strengthening of good practice.
- Improved customer service levels.
- Identifies what resources increased performance and those that need special attention.

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