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Over time, optimizing the storage of a product may change due to factors directly related to demand as can be the product shelf life, seasonality, handling formats, etc.

The positioning of a product in a warehouse is critical because it directly affects the productivity in terms of time and routes used in preparation and replacement labors.

To achieve the optimization in this sense, the rules of positioning a product within a warehouse must meet dynamic criteria according to the frequency characteristics and handling of the product at all times.

Slotting solution of IMI SUPPLY CHAIN is an external product that, integrated with the WMS, determines the optimal location for a product by recommending relocation movements, realying on demand analysis, consumption historical trends, movements within the warehouse, the size, weight and other attributes of the locations and products.


- Supports a single or multiple warehouses in the same request.
- Product placement according to the conditions and criteria set by the user.
- Automatic calculation of capability to determine the measure and number of locations required.
- Remodeling through product movement based on activity data imported.
- Remodeling analysis based on current inventory or as the consequence of optimal recommendations of storage remodeling.
- The remodeling created movements are fully integrated with the movements or tasks that are being undertaken in the warehouse.
- Concatenation of movements.
- Automatic creation of work tasks to remodel the warehouse as part of normal replacement.
- Integrated rules engine for flexible configuration.


- Optimizes the use of the space which reverts to the production speed.
- Reduces the replenishment frequency.
- Reduces travel time.
- Improved operational efficiency and reduces clogging.
- Optimizes replacement activities of the warehouse making use of other tasks.
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