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The proper functioning of a warehouse must be extended also to he yards and to the organization of the docks. It is not the first time that the labors inside the warehouse are crippled by poor organization of the yards. Cases like the lack of a truck driver to be docked, trucks that dock where they should not, trucks that hinder maneuvers of other trucks or outside traffic because of agglomeration in facilities, etc. These are the cause of most delays in deliveries to customers, besides that, cumulatively, transfer the pressure to lorry drivers that must be compliant with the stipulated driving times and delivery times.
IMI SUPPLY CHAIN Yard Management provides and centralizes the yard management giving visibility and control needed to streamline all activities taking place in them.

- Flexible programming of arrival times, where lorry drivers will be able to indicate their own arrival times.
- The assigment of an automatic movement routed workers to the following assignments.
- The graphical display allows the resources management designed to program the movements with the use of a control panel about status indicators on the yard.
- Customizing a set of rules related to a number of critical points such as the selection of the quay, the prioritization of the work or the rules about programming arrivals.
- The work will be controlled via radio frequency terminals or through an interface such as "thin client" to provide visibility and easier support.
- The solution can be run "stand-alone" but has a standard integration module with warehouse management solutions IMI SUPPLY CHAIN , which can also be integrated with any WMS.
- Pro-active alerts in real time.
- By programming arrivals and yards expected deliveries will be shown, which will facilitate the delivery of shipments by distribution centers and programming staff for the discharge of trucks at the warehouse.
- Increases the distribution center cadence.
- Automates the programming of arrivals with lorry drivers.
- Improves efficiency levels of the yard operators.
- Reduces the delay times with real-time alerts and short response times.
- Increases the visibility of the surrounding warehouses and surrounding areas for a better organization the workload.

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