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Due to environmental policies and increases in quality standards, the handling of returnable packaging as well as returned gender increases every day.

When the amount of this gender exceeds certain volume it is necessary to use a tool that helps to control manages them.
IMI SUPPLY CHAIN solution Inspection enables the treatment of goods, pallets and returned packaging from both customers and other warehouses, as well as goods, pallets and pacakging sent back to the supplier.


- Allows the receipt of returned goods from customers or from oher warehouses.
- Allows inspection and refinement of the returned goods.
- Allows gender sending, which, after being inspected, it is returned to the supplier or to another warehouse.
- Allows a gender transitions back to other warehouses.
- Workflows can be executed from radio frequency terminals or from fixed terminals.
- The reception of the returned gender can be made through an order, an ASN or through a spontaneous reception.
- Custom actions taken in each case with the returned material (defined area for these products, rejecting and sending back directly, priority in the production, sending directly to stock, etc.).
- Locking control on the use that can give the returned goods, before and after the inspection.


- Generates time savings in material handling and processing in returned material with a direct impact on productivity.
- Allows the control and treatment of the returned gender, reversing a time saving when the product becomes available.
- Ensure the goods rotation, preventing obsolescence.

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