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The voice solutions that class="bodybold"> offer, interact with users via spoken commands which the operator responds instantly to the instructions communicated by voice from the WMS.
Support devices are mobile and lightweight, with headphones connected via cable or Bluetooth, making it easier for the operator to devote his attention fully to the task at hand (driving, watching, checking, lifting, moving, etc.).
Main application for voice, it is picking, where with voice technology multiple benefits are obtained and make more profitable, effective and productive the pick operations. This operations is known as Pick to Voice or P2V.

Key Benefits:
- Increase the productivity of labor without the use of paper or query screens.
- Improved checking of the prepared product that affects the reduction of errors.
- Better and safer work environment.
- Multi-language environment.
- Easy to learn and teach.
- Immediate response and updates the information in real time.

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