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IMI SUPPLY CHAIN solution Ranger Proof of Delivery is focused on the goods delivery processes at the customer´s home from a warehouse using mobile terminals with online resources.

The operator will have full information about delivery to make as: places to visit, expected delivery times, packages to be downloaded (boxes, pallets, etc.)..

Through this application it is ensured that the correct goods have been delivered at the designated place with the verification by reading or scanning.

Based on IMI SUPPLY CHAIN Ranger platform, it takes full advantages of the latest technologies associated with the network, extends the mobility range and facilitates real-time work, as well as complete visibility into the delivery execution/development. At the same time, it covers the possiblity to work offline.


- Focused on a number of companies who want better control over the transport and delivery processes of their goods.
- It Works in real time. The state or the evolution of the tasks, as well as delivery results are updated while the dealer is doing the route, which gives users in the office instant visibility of the delivery status situation. < br/>
- Although it has all the advantages associated with mobile technologies networks (WLAN, GPRS/EDGE, 2G/HSPA ...) is also possible to use it offline.
- Electronic signature and touch screen camera.
- GPS tracking for which reports the vehicle's exact position in real time.
- Windows Mobile-based Smart Client technology, which facilitates good interaction between the user with the screens and content.
- Stand-Alone ¬ , easily integrated with any warehouse management system or ERP.
- Reduced cycle-To-Cash Order because of the availability of information in real time.
- Decrease the number of conflicting bills.
- Minimizing credit or delays in payments.
- Increased productivity of the fleet, providing on-line information of drivers, automatic data capture by scanning the goods bar code, and enables the use with both fleet internal and external.
- Improved service levels based on increased accuracy and minimization of handling errors.
- Improved corporate management based on the availability of new meters, exception management and minimization of the the use of manual paper forms.

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