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Collaboration with 3PL customers

One of the strong points in any Supply Chain Management System it is not in planning and management of all the good physical flow from leaving the supplier to the customer´s home depositation, but also must have effective tools that facilitates the open communication, transparent, immediate and pro-collaboratively with suppliers and customers.

In this sense, a system that ensures proper management of information flow for all links of the chain will provide, among other things, the cost reduction due to adjustment of stock levels result of the handling of such information, shorter product and services cycles and reduction of unnecessary expenses.

IMI SUPPLY CHAIN offers portal-based collaboration and a set of Web applications and services easy to use, rich content, fast response and reliable commitments.

Each company collaborator is treated on an individual manner, based on easily defined profiles, preferences and templates, with different roles within the same company collaborator.

The four different lines of collaboration
• Customers.
• Suppliers.
• Warehouses.
• 3PL customers.

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