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IMI SUPPLY CHAIN extends the search for optimization beyond the limits of the own organization through collaboration tools between different components of the supply chain.

Through the use of a website facilitating access to relevant information from its own supply chain through which it is possible to coordinate the realization of operations, all aimed at achieving high levels of accuracy and improving customer service.

In the case of suppliers, coordinating the operations of the supply chain is achieved by the utilitation of the information contained in ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) and better visibility of product to be supply provisioned..

- Free use of internet portal as a service for the customer.
- Order Confirmation.
- Creation of delivery/ASN notification.
- Orders and invoices History.
- Billing accompanied by purchase order.
- Collaboration on the replenishment scheduling.
- On-line help.
- Personalized information by segment.
- Use of roles for authorization on certain features and information.
- Portal integration through external link sources.
- Multiple customizable presentations and web styles.

- Reduced costs on goods receipt through thanks to the use of ASNs.
- Reduced costs associated with errors in the cycle because of reduced dependence on information introduction manual.
- Increases the efficiency of suppliers.
- Decrease procurement costs by the automation with suppliers and collaboration on the inventory.
- Lower administration costs by grouping all the management into a single system.

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