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Collaboration with 3PL customers

IMI SUPPLY CHAIN facilitates the collaboration with Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies as well as their customers and suppliers.

The web-based on collaboration tools adds flexibility to match the corporate portal, and to ensure the accuracy of the processes through the access to information and relevant functions.

3PL collaboration gives a transparent view of the externalized processes via the Internet to share information and facilitate different functionalities per order and inventory control.

- Free use of the portal for users of 3PL company.
- Introduction of entry orders, tracking and confirmation.
- Introduction of output orders, tracking and confirmation.
- Inventory availability and state report.
- Invoicing Audit of 3PL company.
- On-line help.
- Personalized information by segments.
- Use of roles for authorization on certain functionalities and information.
- Portal integration through external link sources.
- Multiple customizable styles and presentations for the web.

- Lower replenishments costs due to the system-to-system integration.
- Visibility increase and better control of externalizaed processes.
- Improved accuracy of orders with a single introduction point and all validations based on the same source.
- Improved customer loyalty.
- Reduces the administrative costs of the application by grouping the management all in one system.

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