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IMI SUPPLY CHAIN Warehouse Analysis provides business intelligence tools applied to warehouse management, by helping to do so of recorded data in implementing IMI SUPPLY CHAIN Warehouse Management System.
This solution, easily customizable, includes a set of scorecards that run real-time information in which you can customize the thresholds and target values in order to facilitate monitoring and work based on exception alerts.
All views and reports support multidimensional analysis with capability to go deeper into the underlying details, which enables decision making in a more secure and focused manner.

- standard analysis based on art measures for the following areas:
• Reception and suppliers performance.
• Production and Delivery performance.
• Utilitation of space.
• Volume of operations.
- Easy customization of the measures or indicators.
- Multi-dimensional analysis.
- Deepening in detail letting you know, for example, the type of task, users, equipment, products involved, area or zone, start and end times, etc., which enables the realization of a detailed analysis.

Benefits: - Delve into the uncertainties of the business.
- Monitors the progress and the performance in an easy way through hughly intuitive and customizable scorecards according to the needs and preferences of each user.
- Warns of potential threats and capitalize on opportunities, which facilitates decision-making and rapid identification of key trends.
- The utilitation of real-time information leads to the elimination of speculation and this ensures reliability in decision-making.
- Ease in customization of scorecards and reports.

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